Noel Gallagher on new global release date for albums: ‘The world’s gone fucking mad’

Albums will now be released on Fridays in 45 music markets worldwide, but Gallagher is unimpressed

Noel Gallagher has shared his thoughts on the new global release date for albums, saying: “The world’s gone fucking mad on it.”

From tomorrow (July 10), new albums and singles will be released at 00.01 local time on Fridays in 45 major music markets including the UK and US. The global Friday release date was announced earlier this year and has been welcomed by the IFPI, which represents some 1,300 record labels worldwide, as well as the FIM, which represents musicians’ unions and associations globally.

However, in a recent interview with NME.COM, Gallagher appeared rather less impressed by the move to a global release date for albums. “Fucking hell, the world’s gone fucking mad on it,” he replied when asked about so-called New Music Fridays.

Speculating as to how the new global release date may have been devised, Gallagher added: “Some fucker has focus grouped that in a room somewhere to maximise some amount of record sales: ‘If we have it on a Friday, then by the time it gets to Monday we’ll already have sold a million albums – if one is Taylor Swift, presumably.”

He then said of the new global release date: “Unfortunately it won’t make shit albums any better, will it? They’ll still sound shit on a fucking Friday.” Watch Noel Gallagher sharing his thoughts on the new global release date for albums below.