Rod Stewart's upcoming album will include the veteran belter's cover versions of Oasis and Primal Scream tracks...

Rod Stewart‘s new album ‘When We Were The New Boys’, due to be released in the UK on June 2, includes cover versions of Oasis’ ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ and Primal Scream’s ‘Rocks’.

The album also includes a version of Skunk Anansie’s ‘Weak As I Am’ and new songs by ’70s UK pub rockers Graham Parker and Nick Lowe as well as a re-recording of the Faces’ 1973 classic ‘Ooh La La’, the first single from the album.

Neither Oasis nor Primal Scream have yet heard the tracks and representatives for both acts were unwilling to comment on the inclusion of the songs.

Meanwhile, Oasis’ live version of ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’, recorded at Manchester GMEX in December 1997, is one of the B-sides of an enhanced CD single, ‘Don’t Go Away’, which will be available in the UK in limited quantities as a Japanese import. The other tracks are ‘Sad Song’, which was the extra track on the vinyl editions of ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘Fade Away’ as featured on the Warchild album ‘Help’. The enhanced CD has video footage which can be seen on computers with CD-ROM drives. There are no plans for ‘Don’t Go Away’ to be released officially in the UK.