Noel Gallagher: ‘I’d rather suck on Robbie Williams’ man boobs than lick his arse’

Ex-Oasis man responds to Williams' onstage jibes with Take That

Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has said he’d “rather suck on Robbie Williams‘ man boobs” after Williams told him he could “lick his arse” from the stage on Friday night (July 1).

According to The Sun, Williams, who was performing with Take That on their record breaking ‘Progress’ tour said from the stage at Wembley Stadium: “The Rolling Stones have done two nights here. Oasis did three – Take That are here for eight on the trot. Mick Jagger can lick Gary Barlow‘s face. Noel Gallagher can lick my arse.”

Responding in typical fashion, Gallagher said: “Lick his big fat Bobby Butlins arse? Wow! The hormone replacements must be doing the trick, eh? I’d rather suck on his man boobs.”

Gallagher‘s jibe referred to Williams‘ admission that he has been undergoing hormone replacement treatment to boost his sex drive.

The ex-Oasis guitarist meanwhile, is strongly rumoured to be announcing his solo career plans at a press conference this Wednesday (July 6).