Oasis ask fans to contribute to new documentary

Film being made by company behind Blur's 'No Distance Left To Run'

Oasis fans are being asked to contribute to a new documentary about the band being made by the company that worked on Blur‘s recent film ‘No Distance Left To Run’.

The film, which is being made by Pulse Films in conjunction with the band’s own Big Brother Recordings label, is aiming to tell the story of Oasis from their fans’ perspective. As a result, devotees of all ages are asked to contribute, as outlined on the band’s official website, Oasisinet.com.

Those interested are asked to send an email to oasis@pulsefilms.co.uk with their contact details and a short summary of their favourite story about how Oasis have affected them personally.

Oasis are also set to release a singles collection, ‘Time Flies’, on June 14.