‘Lost’ Oasis single sneaks on new singles collection ‘Time Flies’ after all

Two-disc set looks like it will include a special secret track

Oasis‘ new compilation album ‘Time Flies’ will include ‘Sunday Morning Call’, despite it initally appearing that the 2000 single was going to be omitted from the career-spanning release.

The song was initially missing from the compilation’s tracklisting, which features every other Oasis single since the band’s 1994 debut ‘Supersonic’.

However, on promotional copies of the collection ‘Sunday Morning Call’ features as a unannounced secret track at the end of the second disc of the compilation, coming after the band’s final single ‘Falling Down’, which came out last year.

It is believed this will be the same for the final version of the record.

The Noel Gallagher-sung track, taken from Oasis‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ album, charted at Number 4 in July 2000.

‘Time Flies’ will be released on June 14. The cover artwork is a shot of one of Oasis’ Knebworth gigs in 1996.

The full tracklisting for ‘Time Flies’ is:

‘Roll With It’
‘Live Forever’
‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’
‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’
‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’
‘The Hindu Times’
‘Stand By Me’
‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’
‘All Around The World’

‘Some Might Say’
‘The Importance of Being Idle’
‘D’You Know What I Mean?’
‘Let There Be Love’
‘Go Let It Out’
‘Who Feels Love?’
‘Little By Little’
‘The Shock Of The Lightning’
‘She Is Love’
‘I’m Outta Time’
‘Falling Down’ /’Sunday Morning Call’ (secret track)