‘Coronation Street’ refuse to rule out Noel Gallagher cameo

ITV spokesperson leaves the door open for the Oasis guitarist

Following Oasis’ Noel Gallagher’s declaration that he would love to appear in ITV soap Coronation Street, a spokesperson for the show has suggested that the door could be open for him to appear.

Earlier today (March 13) Gallagher spoke of his love of the show, saying he’d be interested in replacing the David Platt character if he ever got “bumped off”.

After hearing of the comment a Coronation Street spokesperson refused to rule out the possibility of the guitarist appearing on the show in some form.

“We’re thrilled Noel watched us thinks we’re cool,” the spokesperson told NME.COM.

He added that it was “too early to say” whether Gallagher could ever make an appearance, but refused to confirm or deny that it could be a genuine possibility.