Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator gets tricked by MTV’s ‘Punk’d’ – video

Rapper blamed for blowing up Taco truck and setting man on fire

Odd Future‘s Tyler, The Creator gets tricked into believing he blew up a Taco truck and set a man on fire in a new episode of MTV’s prank show Punk’d – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click to watch the video.

In the hoax, Tyler is asked to autograph a Taco truck for charity by the show’s host, Jackass star Bam Margera, before climbing inside to make himself something to eat.

As he’s walking away, however, the truck explodes and a man catches alight. The controversial rapper whips out his phone to video the event, but later looks worried after a charity official accuses him of starting the blaze and insists: “As long as he’s alive, I can get another truck.”

Last month (March 27), Odd Future’s own TV show Loiter Squad debuted on the US cable channel Adult Swim. The show, which included such skits as ‘Backyard Gator Wrestling’ and ‘Dental Hygiene with Dr Mohammed The Armless Dentist’ as well as a comical song called ‘I Like Cheese’, received a mixed reaction from fans.

More recently, (March 31), meanwhile, it was reported that Tyler, The Creator could work with ‘Video Games’ singer Lana Del Rey in the future after the pair expressed an interest in working with each other via Twitter. Odd Future released their new album, ‘OF Tape Vol 2’, on March 19.