Rapper accused of disturbing the peace yesterday (May 10)

Odd Future‘s Tyler, The Creator was arrested yesterday (May 10) afternoon in Los Angeles on a charge of disturbing the peace.

According to Rapradar.com the rapper was arrested after playing a live show at Westchester High School in Los Angeles. The details of his offence were not revealed – he was held for a short time and was released in time to perform at the city’s Troubadour club last night.

Tyler tweeted his reaction to his arrest on Twitter.com/fucktyler, writing: “Fuck cops. Fuck police. Fuck you all I hope you all die. I will never respect you. Pigs. Fuck those cops. Had us in cuffs for no reason, didn’t do shit. Disturbing the peace, loitering and skating pass a cop. What the fuck?”

Tyler, The Creator‘s new album ‘Goblin’ was released on Monday (May 9). He will return to the UK as part of Odd Future for a three-date tour in July.