Beyonce’s sister Solange collaborates with Of Montreal

Frontman Kevin Barnes says he still wants to work with Beyonce too

Beyonce‘s sister Solange is set to appear on the new album by Of Montreal.

The band’s singer Kevin Barnes confirmed that Solange will guest on the album, which will also feature R&B singer Janelle Monae. He told Stereogum that the album, which is due out in late summer/early autumn, will either be called ‘False Priest’ or ‘The Controller Sphere’.

Barnes added that he remains hopeful that a collaboration with Beyonce will also materialise after she revealed she was a fan of the band.

“Maybe it will happen. I’d love to do it, it would be a fun experience,” Barnes said. “It’s just something she dropped and hasn’t really developed. I wonder about it, too, because I don’t know how good I am at writing songs for other people.”

He said that he’d already written a song potentially for Beyonce, though he doesn’t know whether it’s too “weird” for her.

“When I heard that she said that, I thought, ‘Oh, I should try to get something going’,” he said. “I started writing this song, and then next thing I know… [he collaborates with Solange]. It’s so weird that she would ever in a million years listen to it, let alone record it! It’s a challenge for me.”