Paramore ‘channelled Prince’s energy’ on new album

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The band recorded fourth LP 'Paramore' in Prince's room at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles

Paramore have said that they have “channelled Prince’s energy” on their forthcoming new album.

The band partially recorded ‘Paramore’ in Prince‘s room at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles. Speaking to Drowned in Sound, frontwoman Hayley Williams said:

…We were actually in Prince’s room that he built… he lived there for I heard like two years or something. We were just in his room, just chillin’.

Williams’ bandmate Taylor York explained how excited the band were to use the same toilet as Prince – the “personal bathroom that he built that we used every day. Just knowing that we shared a toilet with him… We channelled Prince’s energy!”

Williams also spoke of a filmic influence on the band’s fourth album, referencing the 1980s Bratpack movies of John Hughes and also Back To The Future. She commented:

“When I listen to some of the songs and the feeling that I got writing some of these songs and the lyrics, sometimes it felt like I was in a John Hughes movie, sometimes it did feel a little Back To The Future-ish, there’d be like sounds that the guys were coming up with that just felt other-worldly and really exciting…”.

Williams said that the band decided to self-title the record because “it’s a statement”. She said: “This is who we are. It’s like putting your band’s bumper sticker on your car.”

Earlier this year, the band unveiled ‘Now’, the first single from the album, which you can hear below. Paramore had previously released a trailer for the album – which shows the group writing and recording together with audio clips of new material.

The ‘Paramore’ tracklisting is:

‘Fast In My Car’
‘Grow Up’
‘Interlude: Moving On’
‘Ain’t It Fun’
‘Part II’
‘Last Hope’
‘Still Into You’
‘interlude: Holiday’
‘Hate to See Your Heart Break’
‘(One of Those) Crazy Girls’
‘interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore’
‘Be Alone’