The ex-Beatle plays a marathon set by the Colosseum...

Paul McCartney performed to around 500,000 people outside the COLOSSEUM in ROME last night (March 11) in a free concert, the day after he played inside the Roman forum.

The former Beatle had to tell fans to “go home” after playing for almost three hours, whilst the crowd remained in the Fori Imperiali, by the Colosseum. Some fans camped at the venue for 12 hours before the show started in order to secure their places.

Paul McCartney joked with the audience, saying, “We understand it’s the first time there’s been a band in the Colosseum since the Christians.” The highest paid celebrity in the world played a set drawing from his solo career and The Beatles back catalogue, including ‘Yesterday’, ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Back In The USSR’.

The night before, Paul McCartney played a benefit concert inside of the Roman landmark for 400 people, with fans paying up to £1,295 (£930) for a ticket. Profits from the performance were donated to Rome’s archaeological offices and to Adopt-a-Minefield, the anti-landmine charity supported by Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills.