Peace question Arctic Monkeys’ indie status

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'Where's the indie in that?' says Harry Koisser of the Dr Dre and Black Sabbath referencing 'AM'

Peace have questioned Arctic Monkeys‘ indie status, saying their last album ‘AM’ sounds “somewhere between Black Sabbath and Dr Dre”.

Speaking to Zero Magazine, frontman Harry Koisser said of the band: “Arctic Monkeys are still called an indie band, but the closest thing their new record sounds like somewhere between Black Sabbath and Dr Dre. Where’s the indie in that?”.

In the interview the band also spoke about their recent appearance on E4 show Made In Chelsea, where they performed two songs, including ‘Money’, the second track to be taken from their forthcoming second LP – the follow up to 2013’s ‘In Love’.

Speaking about the differing reactions to their appearance on the show, Koisser commented on “extremes” of people’s response. He said: “Either people [are] saying, ‘You’ve completely sold out’, which is an old concept that doesn’t exist any more. All the new cool bands are sponsored by shoe brands anyway and you don’t make money any more. Or people have been really supportive of it… It’s healthy to feel something and say, ‘I’m angry at that’ or ‘I loved this’ – it’s good for people to feel something and have an opinion, even if it’s only about your favourite band going on Made In Chelsea. It’s good to ignite a little fire in peoples’ bellies, you know, make sure they’re still capable of thought.”

Peace are currently on tour in the UK. They play:

Falmouth Princess Pavilion (June 11)
Swansea Sin City (12)
Worthing Pavillion (13)

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