Pete Doherty brands Dirty Pretty Things split ‘a publicity stunt’

Star also discusses Paul McCartney and cats at Dublin Trinity College talk

Pete Doherty has branded Dirty Pretty Things’ recent split a “publicity stunt”, stating: “They’re still together, I think.”

The Babyshambles man made the comment during a revealing talk at Trinity College in Dublin last night (February 6), where he was awarded the honorary patronage of the University’s Philosophical Society, one of the world’s oldest student societies.

Flouting the smoking ban in the packed university chamber, Doherty began the talk after a two-and-a-half hour delay and candidly answered questions from a few hundred fans on a range of topics.

He claimed that he didn’t recognise Paul McCartney when he interviewed the Beatles legwnd in 2007, commenting: “I’d just come out of rehab to do the interview, I didn’t even recognise him to be honest, with the medication I was on. They had to cut out a lot of it.”

Doherty also touched on his experiences of fatherhood, talking about his relationship with his young son Astile, whom he had with ex-girlfriend Lisa Moorish.

“It’s quite difficult, a difficult subject really. I don’t know if I am so much of a father to be honest, I don’t think I spend enough time with him to warrant being called that, which is pretty much why I had his name put on my neck. I see him so little of him, and I do so little for him, that that’s my feeble way of saying ‘I love you’,” he said.

Later asked what he thought of the way the media portrayed him, he replied: “It’s like an evil twin, this character that’s been created.”

The singer’s cats were also a subject of conversation, with Doherty admitting: “I don’t like cats that much. I’ve got a book all about the psychology of cats, I’m trying to get inside their heads.”

Doherty also stated: “Yes, I’m single” in response to repeated enquiries about his personal life.

After the talk, Doherty played a short acoustic set, which included a cover of The Who‘s ‘Substitute’, a chant from his beloved football team Queen’s Park Rangers and new single ‘The Last Of The English Roses’, fan footage of which can be viewed below.

Pete Doherty played:


‘We Are QPR’

‘Back From the Dead’

‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’

‘The Last Of The English Roses’