Unreleased Pete Doherty track ‘features Robin Whitehead’s backing vocals’

Incarcerated Libertines man said to be unaware of late filmmaker's contribution

Producer Jake Fior has said he is sitting on a batch of unreleased versions of Pete Doherty solo tracks, one of which features backing vocals from late filmmaker Robin Whitehead.

Whitehead was found dead in a London flat, where she had been making a documentary about Doherty, in January 2010.

Doherty is currently serving a six month jail sentence after pleading guilty to a cocaine possession charge following a police investigation into Whitehead‘s suspected drug overdose.

Speaking to The Observer, Fior explained that he recorded the unreleased material with Doherty during initial sessions for his 2009 solo album ‘Grace/Wastelands’. The pair went their separate ways after an apparent bust-up.

“He wanted to use his band and I wanted to use the musicians that I had already been working with,” Fior recalled. “There was an incident at one of the studios and that was it really. I haven’t spoken to Pete since summer of 2008, and I have no interest in him.”

The “more powerful” initial versions of the tracks were set to be given to Whitehead for the soundtrack to her film about Doherty, ‘The Road To Albion’.

Fior said he still plans to finish the songs, even if they are never released, commenting: “It’s never been about money, so I don’t care.”

The producer worked on Doherty‘s first Top 10 hit, ‘For Lovers’, a 2004 collaboration with Wolfman, who he previously managed.

Fior added: “I have refused all licence requests for ‘For Lovers’ since this happened, but any request from Robin‘s dad [Peter Whitehead] would be granted for free.”