Church worker has won the right to sue Doherty over 2009 car smash

Pete Doherty could be forced to pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation, after church worker Christopher Corder won the right to sue him over a car crash in 2009.

The incident involved Doherty and his manager Andrew Boyd and took place in Hadleigh in Suffolk. Boyd was driving Doherty’s car and collided with Corder, leaving him severely injured and with a high level of brain damage, reports The Sun.

Boyd, who was driving the car without insurance, later went to prison over the incident, but lawyers acting on behalf of Corder have pursued the case ever since and yesterday (October 10) won the right to seek compensation from both Boyd and Doherty after the Motor Insurers’ Bureau awarded them the right to do so.

If Corder’s lawyers are successful in their claim, then the former Libertines singer could face a bill running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Doherty, who spent two months in prison earlier this year after being convicted of cocaine possession, was recently told he would not face charges over a robbery in Germany after police ruled he was “too drunk” to have carried out the incident.