Pete Doherty shows ’emotional depth’ in new film role, says director

Libertines man was 'on time every day' for filming of 'Confession Of A Child Of The Century'

Pete Doherty has been praised by the director of a new film he’s starring in – and not just for turning up to the set on time every day.

The singer is appearing in Sylvie Verheyde‘s Confession Of A Child Of The Century, a new French film about the 19th century poet and dramatist Alfred de Musset.

Doherty plays the character of Octavian, a 19th century dandy, in the movie.

Verheyde The Guardian that Doherty shows “emotional depth” in the role.

“It went really well. I wasn’t a fan before and of course I knew his reputation, but I laid down the rules and he kept them. He was on time every day, he didn’t turn up with a hangover and he never missed a single shoot,” she commented.

Verheyde continued: “He was much more pleasant and less of a pain than many professional actors. He’s cultivated, literary, sincere and has emotional depth.”

According to the newspaper, Doherty‘s role involves “doing what he does best – mooching around appearing doleful and wrecked”.

The Libertines man has previously blogged about the role on his website,, claiming that it demanded he displayed “natural grace and poise”.