Pete Doherty facing jail in Germany over 2009 car smash

Libertines man has to pay €30,000 in damages by the end of the week

Pete Doherty could be sentenced to jail in Germany if he fails to pay a €30,000 (£26,480) fine relating to a 2009 car crash in the country by the end of the week.

Doherty was ordered to pay the amount after damaging a parked car while on a pub crawl in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin in December 2009. quotes prosecutor Martin Steltner as saying that the singer has still not paid the money, adding that he has until the end of the week to do so. “If he doesn’t pay, he’ll have to expect jail instead,” Steltner explained.

Doherty is currently in Germany on a solo tour of the country. If he does serve jail time over the incident, his sentence is likely to last 30 days.

In March, Doherty admitted being at the scene of an alleged burglary in a separate incident in Germany, while back in England last week (April 9) he pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.