Pete Doherty’s manager jailed for a year for hit and run

Andy Boyd sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court

Pete Doherty‘s manager Andy Boyd has been given a year-long jail sentence for a hit and run crime he committed last September.

Boyd was given the sentence yesterday (February 24) at Ipswich Crown Court for his part in the accident, which saw him hit 42-year-old Chris Corder while driving in Suffolk, reports the Metro.

Doherty had lent Boyd the Jaguar he was driving during the incident, and as a result was summoned to court to face the charge of permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance.

Judge David Goodin told Boyd that if he had stopped at the scene he would not have been jailed.

“It is said you drove away out of a state of panic but it may also be you were motivated by the desire to save your skin and evade responsibility,” he said.

Corder suffered brain injuries, a fractured spine and a broken pelvis, legs and ribs.