Phil Spector Trial: Day 55

Defense team says prosecutions case "suitable for gossip rags"

The defense began their wrap-up argument today in Los Angeles, with a last-ditch effort by lawyer Linda Kenney-Baden to convince the jury of the innocence of music producer Phil Spector, who is on trial for murder.

Spector is accused of shooting dead actress Lana Clarkson at his Alhambra, CA mansion in February 2003.

Kenney-Baden today responded to Prosecutor Alan Jackson’s statement that Spector spent around 40 minutes cleaning up Clarkson after he shot her, and then planted a gun on her to imply suicide.

“There is no evidence whatsoever of staging” the laywer told the court emphatically and that Spector “wasn’t trying to hide or wipe anything.”

Jackson had told the court previously that Spector had used a diaper to wipe blood from Clarkson’s face, with water that he had taken from a toilet telling the court “of all things, by god, he chose toilet water to wipe on her face. “ And called it “disgusting, barbaric, monstrous.”

Kenney-Baden also addressed Spector’s celebrity status, saying that the prosecution case consisted of “cute jokes, tall tales and theatrics” and “what ifs, possibilities and embellishment … suitable only for gossip rags,” says the Los Angeles Times.

She referred to the scientific evidence in the case, which saw defense forensics experts claim that Spector was too far away from Clarkson to have shot her in the mouth. As previously reported, Kenney-Baden’s husband, forensic scientist Michael Baden, testified for the defence. His testimony prompted accusations from Prosecutor Alan Jackson that he tailored his testimony to support his wife’s case.

Kenney-Baden concentrated on the scientific theories to support her case, as opposed to the prosecution’s personal testimonies given throughout the trial, including Spector’s chauffeur who says that Spector emerged from the house saying “I think I killed somebody”, and five women who testified that he had threatened them with a gun.

“Science is the most important witness in this case” concluded Kenney-Baden. Science is not meant to entertain the mass media.”

–By our New York staff.

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