Charlie Gilmour accused of violent disorder following student protest

The son of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has been charged in connection with an attack on a convoy carrying Prince Charles.

The incident took place on Regent Street in London on December 9 last year during a protest about student fees.

The Cambridge University student appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday (February 11), in connection to an incident that saw him allegedly sit on the bonnet of a car carrying royal protection officers.

Gilmour is also alleged to have thrown a rubbish bin at the convoy, hitting a car, but not the one containing Prince Charles and Camilla, reports Sky News.

Accused of violent disorder, Gilmour did not enter a plea and the case was adjourned until March 25.

As previously reported, Gilmour was recently charged with violent disorder after he was pictured swinging from a Union flag on the Cenotaph in Whitehall last December.

Meanwhile, an earlier charge of the theft of a mannequin leg has been withdrawn.