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'PIXIES AT THE BBC', a compilation of tracks from Radio 1's John Peel Show is out on July 6...

‘PIXIES AT THE BBC’, a compilation of tracks recorded for Radio 1’s John Peel show, will be released in the UK by 4AD on July 6.

The album, recorded between 1988 and 1991, includes one previously unreleased song – a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Wild Honey Pie’ off ‘The White Album’ – and several radically different versions of other songs. Also featured is a version of ‘The Lady In The Radiator Song’ from the David Lynch film Eraserhead, previously only available as a live B-side.

The full tracklisting is: ‘Wild Honey Pie’, ‘There Goes My Gun’, ‘Dead’, ‘Caribou’, ‘Subbacultha’, ‘Manta Ray’, ‘Is She Weird’, ‘Ana’, ‘Down To The Well’, ‘Wave Of Mutilation’, ‘Letter To Memphis’, ‘Levitate Me’, ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’, ‘Hey’ and ‘In Heaven (The Lady in the Radiator Song)’.