Watch Plan B in trailer for forthcoming film ‘The Sweeney’ – video

Ben Drew stars alongside Ray Winstone in the remake of the 1970s police drama

A new trailer which shows Plan B co-starring in the forthcoming movie remake of 1970’s British cop show The Sweeney has been released. Scroll down to watch.

The film sees Plan B – real name Ben Drew – act alongside Ray Winstone, Steven Mackintosh, Damian Lewis and Hayley Atwell. The Nick Love directed movie is set in the present day and the film will hit UK cinemas on September 21.

The film will come out after Drew’s own directorial debut reaches the big screen. Ill Manors, which stars Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press and Dannielle Brent, will be released on May 4. A soundtrack album of the same name, meanwhile, will be released on May 7.

Speaking to NME about the film, Drew said: “It’s like the hip-hop musical version of Crash. But I don’t want to call it a musical, because none of the actors start singing or dancing or anything.”

He continued: “It’s quite serious. It’s just part of the films are narrated by music. If you can imagine my first record but with visuals… parts are just like a normal film, others are told by kind of music video storytelling.”