Pond debut new song ‘Giant Tortoise’ – listen

The track comes from their forthcoming fifth album 'Hobo Rocket'

Pond have unveiled a brand new song, called ‘Giant Tortoise’.

Scroll down to listen to the song, which is the first to be taken from the Tame Impala side project’s forthcoming new album, ‘Hobo Rocket’.

You can also download the song for free at pondband.com

Their fifth album, ‘Hobo Rocket’ is due out this spring. The band have previously described the record as a “full on crazy fiend rock and roll album”. Pond are currently touring in their native Australia.

All members of Pond are set to release solo albums and side projects on the same day, their guitarist recently confirmed.

The Perth psychedelic rockers are comprised of two fifths of Tame Impala, whose second LP ‘Lonerism’ won NME’s Album of 2012 accolade.

Speaking to Tone Deaf, Pond guitarist Jay Watson also said of the new album: “We were going to do a really nice, beautiful orchestrated album, but we figured we might as well capture the live band as we’ve been touring… So that’s what ‘Hobo Rocket’ is, the full on, manic acid rock.”