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'MC5 - a True Testimonial' traces the story of the rock 'n' roll radicals...


SPIRITUALIZED’s JASON PIERCE were among the audience who turned out to the UK premiere of MC5 documentary ’MC5 – A TRUE TESTIMONIAL’ in LONDON last night (October 30).

The screening of the movie, described by Jack White as “a documentary anyone who calls themselves a rock ‘n’ roll musician should definitely see,” was part of the Raindance Film Festival.

It traces the story of late-60’s legends the MC5 as they exploded in a fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and radical politics, through to their demise in the early 70’s amid in-fighting, cancelled recording contracts and an unmanageable reputation.

MC5’s influence has accelerated through the last three decades, with bands such as Primal Scream, [/a] and [a] citing them.

Also in the audience at The Other Cinema in Rupert Street were Geoff Travis of indie record label Rough Trade and Rat Scabies from