Watch Radiohead play ‘I Promise’ live for the first time in 21 years

Previously-unreleased song will feature on band's forthcoming 'OK Computer' reissue

Radiohead have played their previously-unreleased song ‘I Promise’ live for the first time in over two decades.

The song is one of three tracks to feature on the band’s forthcoming ‘OK Computer’ reissue ‘OKNOTOK’, out June 23.

At a gig in Oslo tonight (June 7), the band played ‘I Promise’ live. As Stereogum reports, the band haven’t played the song since 1996.

Frontman Thom Yorke introduced the song by saying: “Normally I don’t think we’re the sort of people who look back but it was interesting when we did. What a bunch of nutters we were and probably still are. One of the crazy things we did was not release this song.”

Thom Yorke recently described recording ‘OK Computer’ in a haunted house and recalled hiding among Radiohead fans on their way to the band’s gig.

The band also made headlines by hitting out at Britpop, with Jonny Greenwood describing the genre as “just a 1960s revival” and Yorke saying it “made me fucking angry”.

They have also suggested that they could record next album live for first time since 1997.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that Greenwood will open for his own band during Radiohead’s European tour.

Greenwood’s side project Junun, which features the guitarist along with Shye Ben Tzur, and the Rajasthan Express, will support Radiohead for their forthcoming dates in Oslo, Stockholm, Florence, Dublin, Manchester, and Tel Aviv in June and July. They will also play a handful of their own shows during the tour.