Ricky Martin says he ‘hated’ people forcing him to come out as gay

'It was very painful', admits singer

Ricky Martin has revealed that he “hated’ it when people would try to force him to come out as gay.

The singer said that he had found being questioned on his sexuality in interviews “very painful” and that it had prevented him from revealing that he was homosexual.

Martin – who came out last year when he posted a message on his official website which said “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man” – told The Guardian: “I hated it when people tried to force me out when I wasn’t ready. It was very painful, and it actually pushed me away from doing so.”

The ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ singer, who became a father to twin boys in 2008 after he enlisted a surrogate mother, went on to describe the nerves he felt after revealing his sexuality, adding: “When I pressed send, I was really scared. I went into my room, and I was holding my pillow, and three minutes later I called a very good friend and said: ‘Tell me what they’re saying.’ And she’s on the other line, crying: ‘You don’t understand the amount of love you’re receiving.’”

Martin also revealed how much of a burden struggling with his sexuality had been when he was younger, claiming: “If I had spent a quarter of the time that I spent manipulating my sexuality in front of a piano instead, I would be the most gifted piano player of my lifetime.”