Rihanna replaces Lady Gaga as most popular female artist on Facebook

Singer topples Gaga as most 'liked' on social network site, but still trails Eminem overall

Rihanna has overtaken Lady Gaga to become the most popular female artist on Facebook.

The ‘Man Down’ singer has now clocked over 40 million fans on the social networking site and is ‘Liked’ by nearly 30,000 more users than Lady Gaga – although she is still only the second most popular artist overall, with rapper Eminem having an estimated 43 million fans.

Last year, Lady Gaga became the first person to score 10 million fans on Facebook and overtook US president Barack Obama and pop star Britney Spears as the most famous person the site. However, according to social media statistics service Famecount, Rihanna overtook Lady Gaga in popularity yesterday afternoon (July 14).

According to the latest figures, Rihanna has now attracted approximately 40,587,539 fans, with Gaga trailing behind on 40,557,967. Both singers are behind Eminem, who currently has 43,293,082 fans, but Famecount are claiming that Rihanna is attracting over 136,000 fans a day, while the rapper is only gaining 81,000.

Lady Gaga is still the most popular user on Twitter, however – the singer still has 600,000 more followers than her closest rival Justin Bieber, who passed the 11 million follower mark on the site earlier this week (July 13).