Robbie Williams: ‘I’m going solo again after Take That tour ends’

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Future of five-piece band in doubt as singer confirms he will go it alone

Robbie Williams has confirmed that he will return to being a solo artist after Take That’s ‘Progress’ tour is over.

The BBC’s Newsbeat reports that Williams will hit the road alone again after responding to a question posted from a fan on his official blog.

Williams said: “There will be a solo tour and I’m not sure where I’ll be going yet.”

The future of Take That has been uncertain beyond their sell-out ‘Progress UK’ shows which this weekend finish at Wembley Stadium. In a post on his website Williams also addressed a question about his own controversial performances on stage.

He wrote: “I am aware that there is a perception in certain quarters and I’m enjoying throwing that perception down people’s throats when I jump through the wall on L.M.E.Y (Let Me Entertain You).

Williams continued: “I’ve never felt more on my game and it’s thanks, in part, to the naysayers. They put fire in my belly and, in turn, a smile on my face. When the tickets go on sale for my next tour I think we’ll see what ‘dwindling’ looks like.”

As reported by NME yesterday, Williams has come under fire for constantly swearing onstage. Some Take That fans have stormed off in protest during his solo section of the gig. On Tuesday the singer told fans: “Can’t believe you’re fucking here. Let me introduce myself, my name is Robbie fucking Williams.”

Last year Robbie Williams returned to Take That, 15 years after he originally split with the group.

During the gigs Williams has been singing his own music including ‘Angels’ and ‘Rock DJ’ as well as material from the band’s 2010 album ‘Progress’.