Paul Cattermole's father Gerald gets nearly three years in jail...

GERALD CATTERMOLE, the father of S Club 7 member PAUL CATTERMOLE, was sentenced to almost three years in prison on Friday (February 1), for sexual offences against underage girls.

The 50-year-old was jailed for two years nine months at St Albans Crown Court for offences involving two 14-year-olds with learning difficulties. He was found guilty of twice having sex with an underage girl and indecently assaulting her teenage friend.

Judge Colin Colston QC said that though the pair had been willing partners they were “vulnerable”.

“I want to make it plain I do not sentence you today upon the basis that you traded in the fame of your son, or the fact that he may be an idol to these two girls and many others as a result of his success in the pop music world,” Judge Colston added.