San Cisco reveal they were robbed while playing live in Bristol

Band were performing at the city's Academy venue with Darwin Deez

Australian band San Cisco have revealed that they were the victim of a robbery while performing in Bristol earlier this month (May 1).

The band, who released their self-titled debut album in 2012, were performing at Bristol Academy as support for Darwin Deez when the crime took place. Speaking to Triple J about what happened, frontman Jordi Davieson explained: “We were in Bristol and after a show, left our tour van to retire to bed. In the morning we went to the van to find it had been trashed!”

However, the opportunist thief didn’t manage to steal anything too important from the band and even left his phone on the front seat of the van.

“He managed to get himself locked in the rear compartment with all the guitars and gear,” said one of Davieson’s band members. “We found [Jordi’s] knife sticking out of the door, which he used to try and prise himself out. He cut himself badly and left a trail of blood over our gear and the van. He must have panicked because he only stole the GPS, a set of headphones and Jordi’s jumper. But he wrecked the tour van, destroying the ignition and pulling the TV and radio out.”

San Cisco were forced to travel by train to their next gig on the UK tour and are now back in their native Australia ahead of another tour promoting new single ‘Beach’.