Corey Taylor has thrown another fan out of a Slipknot gig

The frontman previously got a fan removed at a show in Toronto last month (July)

Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor has thrown another fan out of one of the band’s gigs, following a similar incident last month.

The band were playing at the Concord Pavilion in Concord, California, when the frontman began ordering security to remove a fan from the crowd.

Footage from the concert shows Taylor pointing at a fan in the audience and yelling “Get him the fuck out!” into the microphone. Watch a video of the moment below, via Blabbermouth.

According to fans on Reddit, security guards had to wrestle the fan from the crowd, while one user wrote: “I was there! All I heard was, ‘That motherfucker with the glasses. Get him the fuck out of here.’ This is my fourth show and I’ve never seen that.”

Video footage emerged last month (July) of Taylor kicking a fan out of a recent gig in Toronto. The singer is seen in the clip pointing at someone in the crowd and saying: “You don’t show me shit, you little pussy.”

He gestures that the man should leave, then continues performing while pointing, until security staff follow his finger and remove the person from the show. He then says: “Bye-bye. Yip, bye-bye, bitch.” You can watch footage of the incident below.