Slipknot unveil first new song in six years ‘The Negative One’

The band have also announced plans for a new album

Slipknot have unveiled their first new song in six years.

‘The Negative One’ is also the band’s first material since the death of Paul Gray in 2010 as well as the departure of Joey Jordison in 2013. The band have posted the track at their website, where they have also stated plans for a new album.

Slipknot last released an album in 2008. ‘All Hope Is Gone’ was their fourth record, following 1999’s self-titled debut, 2001’s ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)’ in 2004. Listen to the new song by clicking here.

Earlier this year a doctor was acquitted of the involuntary manslaughter of Slipknot‘s Paul Gray. Doctor Daniel Baldi of Des Moines, Iowa, was standing trial for his part in Gray’s death and the deaths of six others, but was acquitted of the charges on May 1. The jury deliberated for two days, stating that they could not find him guilty of reckless behaviour and writing prescriptions that lead to the seven deaths.

The court heard that late Slipknot bassist Gray spent his final weeks in a “blur” of drug abuse. Testifying at Polk County District Court, the bassist’s widow, Brenna Gray raised concerns about her husband being prescribed Xanax.

Painting a picture of her husband’s final days, she said she and family members staged an intervention hoping to help Gray confront his behaviour, but Gray instead went to a local hotel, where he was found dead two days later. Brenna Gray says she did not contact the authorities for fear of being arrested for drugs kept in the house and worried that their unborn child would be taken away from them.