Billy Corgan invites fans to choose setlist at forthcoming solo gig

Smashing Pumpkins singer will sing private song for winner

Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan is inviting fans to choose the setlist for his solo gig at Highland Park Ravinia in Illinois on August 30. One lucky fan who takes part will also meet Corgan after the gig where he will sing a private song for them.

The contest on Smashing Pumpkins’ website invites fans to choose a 20-song setlist drawn from all eras of Corgan’s career, including “pre-Pumpkins, pre-Gish, the original lineup years, Zwan, solo, and Pumpkins 4.0 and beyond.” The setlist should be in the order fans want to hear songs, and shouldn’t draw too heavily on any one era.

Corgan said he wanted just a list of songs, so that he can give his own description of them later. The contest is open until August 14. The show will see Corgan play acoustically alongside Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder. He won’t play the winning setlist in full, but is likely to perform “selected” tracks from it.

Corgan recently released solo album ‘AEGEA’ via the website of his Illinois teashop Madame ZuZu’s and is producing an as-yet-untitled TV show based on his love of wrestling for US channel AMC. He is also overseeing two new Smashing Pumpkins albums and a deluxe 107-song reissue of the band’s 1998 album ‘Adore’, which is released on September 23.