Snoop Lion: ‘I would love to show my kids how to smoke weed’

But the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg adds that he would never 'push' the drug onto his children

Snoop Lion – formerly known as Snoop Dogg – has said that he would ‘love’ to show his three children how to smoke weed.

The rapper turned reggae star was speaking to GQ magazine when he made the comments. Snoop said: “It’s not that I would ever push weed on our kids, but if they wanted to, I would love to show them how, the right way, so that way they won’t get nothing put in their shit or overdose or trying some shit that ain’t clean.”

Snoop added that having a family made his lyrics less violent. He said: “As you become a man, you start having kids and living. You put the guns away, and your music becomes ‘Hey, I’m with my kid and I’m living now’, as opposed to ‘Fuck that – I’ll shoot you on sight’. If I focus on death, it’s going to come closer than what it’s supposed to be. You’ll become it. I’ll say it to my friends: ‘write songs about being shot at and then the shit happens’.”

At the end of 2012, Snoop released a new track called ‘Lighters Up’ – you can listen to it below.

He enlisted the help of Mavado and Popcaan for the song, which is taken from his forthcoming LP ‘Reincarnated’.

Snoop, who recently said that he doesn’t have to justify his change in direction, will release ‘Reincarnated’ in February.

It will come out alongside a documentary explaining his new style. “If I just drop this music, it leaves room for questioning,” he said. “You wouldn’t understand the whole journey or the transformation. When I allow you to see the movie, to go on the journey with me, to see exactly why I’m the Lion.”