Seven ‘Star Wars’ t-shirts that every fan needs

With the next Star Wars instalment – The Last Jedi, episode 8 in the Skywalker saga – set to hit screens at the end of this year (December 15, 2017), there’s no better time to check out our official Star Wars collection in the NME Merch Store. So kick back, turn on your favourite film and browse the ultimate Jedi apparel.

These are the t-shirts you’re looking for…

Star Wars Rogue One Rebel Alliance Baseball T-Shirt – Buy Now 

Whether you watched the latest Star Wars instalment or not, choose your side and check out these official Rebel Alliance tees.

Star Wars Darth Vader Rogue One T-Shirt – Buy Now

Are you secretly on the dark side? Get one step closer with this official Rogue One Darth Vader tee, and we won’t tell if you don’t.

Star Wars Rainbow Logo Sweatshirt – Buy Now

Show your love for Star Wars today, tomorrow and beyond with this rainbow logo sweatshirt. Buy it now and wear it with pride forever.


Star Wars Rogue One Enlist Now Black T-Shirt – Buy Now

The Galactic Empire is hiring, snap up this t-shirt and let everyone know about the recruitment drive. We can’t imagine Darth Vader is a particularly understanding boss though, so stay focused as he’ll probably “find your lack of faith disturbing”.

Star Wars Tall, Dark, Han Solo T-Shirt – Buy Now

‘Tall, Dark and Han Solo’? Chew-bacca believe this would be the pilot’s Tinder bio. If you know a fan that pines over this cheeky heartthrob then what better way to say “may the force be with you”.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker Blueprint Logo Men’s Sweatshirt – Buy Now 

Get the blueprint for the All Terrain Armoured Transport aka the AT-AT Walker. The four-legged machine stands over 20 meters high and is used for both combat and transportation by the Imperial ground forces.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Galaxy Mask T-Shirt – Buy Now

Whether you’re a fan of the original trilogy or you’re new to a galaxy far, far away, welcome in a new Star Wars chapter with this classic yet colourful galaxy inspired Stormtrooper tee.

May the force be with you always.