The group follow fellow metallers Pantera in refusing to appear following the recent terrorist atrocities in the US...

STATIC-X have pulled out of the rescheduled TATTOO THE

PLANET tour, due to begin tomorrow night (September 18) in


The band follow

co-headliners Pantera,

who at the end of last week decided to withdraw from the tour over fears about

flying from the US to Europe, and also out of respect for those who affected by

the terrorist attacks in New York and


The move leaves promoters with a major problem,

as no substitutes have yet been found.

Static-X released the

following statement explaining why they had pulled out.

“Static-X would like to offer extreme condolences and express

our heartfelt support for all those affected by the disasters in New York

City and Washington DC on Tuesday. We were all

horrified and appalled at these events and our lives were turned upside down.

“We had a great time on our recent tour of Europe, May-June, with Slipknot.

We were all looking forward to seeing our friends and fans there, and were

excited about the prospect of touring with Pantera,


and Cradle of Filth. But we made the decision to cancel our

participation in the ‘Tattoo The Planet’ tour.”