Twitter users want Stormzy to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister

The hashtag #stormzyforPM is gathering pace after Cameron announced he was quitting this morning (June 24)

A campaign for Stormzy to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister of the UK has begun online.

Cameron announced this morning (June 24) that he would step down as PM after the UK voted to leave the EU.

The hashtag #stormzyforPM is currently gathering pace on Twitter, after the grime MC tweeted earlier: “How many retweets do I need to become prime minister”.

“It’s all kicked off innit,” he wrote later.

One Twitter user mocked up a version of David Cameron’s last election poster with Stormzy on it and the slogan “Make UK merky”.

“stormzy i’m launching your political career today, wanna see your promo poster? #stormzy2020,” tweeted @kingjxmes_

Others got behind the hashtag, tweeting things like “We can become GREAT Britain again #StormzyForPM” and Now THIS is a candidate I can get behind #StormzyForPM”.