‘Suede need to be unpleasant’ – Brett Anderson tells us about their dark new album, ‘The Blue Hour’

Suede have announced details of their return with eighth album ‘The Blue Hour’. Read our full interview with frontman Brett Anderson below. Described as the third and final part in a ‘triptych’ of albums since their 2010 reunion, ‘The Blue Hour’ was produced by Alan Moulder and sees the band explore new sonic terrain. “‘The Blue Hour’ is the time of day when the light is fading and night is closing in,” said the band in a statement. “The songs hint at a narrative but never quite reveal it and never quite explain. But as with any Suede album, it’s always about the songwriting. The band, the passion and the noise: ‘The Blue Hour’.”  Arriving on September 21, the band have hailed the album as a “genuinely progressive, expansive and definitive body of work”, with frontman Brett Anderson’s “vocal delivery and distinctive lyrics are more assured than ever, whilst the music sees the band play at the peak of their powers, with a visceral, brooding sense of dynamic and drama that is theirs alone” “We literally just finished mixing it the Friday before last,” Anderson told NME. “It took about a year to write. That’s the hard part for me. Once the songs are there, then you can enjoy yourself to a certain extent. It all has to be framed within the context of songwriting. I don’t think anyone wants to hear a Suede ambient album. This isn’t.” In what way does this new record take the Suede sound somewhere we’ve heard before? “We learned a lot from ‘Night Thoughts’ and ‘Blood Sports’. When we came back with ‘Blood Sports’, there was still a slight feeling that we should try and write pop and rock music. There was no attempt to please the mainstream because it doesn’t exist any more, but we took quite a gamble with ‘Night Thoughts’ because it’s very much ‘an album’. People like music that doesn’t try and please too much, so that really freed us up on this record. We’ve also tried to drift a little further leftfield. “I think we’re at this stage of our career where it doesn’t really matter what we do, as long as we’re engaged in doing it and making it interesting. Because of that, we can do quite extreme things. This is a very complicated record, much more so than the last too – and more diverse. It’s quite a journey. There are a lot of elements that we haven’t used before, like a choir and more spoken word and dialogue. There are a lot of field recordings on it too to thread the ideas together.” How would you describe the character of this record? “It’s quite dank and troubling. It was conceived as a record almost from a child’s point of view. My son is my muse these days, and I write about him and through his eyes. He inspired the book I wrote recently, ‘Coal Black Mornings’. He was my inspiration on the last two records … Continue reading ‘Suede need to be unpleasant’ – Brett Anderson tells us about their dark new album, ‘The Blue Hour’