Robbie Williams slammed for swearing at Take That show – Tabloid Hell

Fans reportedly storm off in protest after singer launches into tirade at Wembley gig

Robbie Williams has been blasted by Take That fans for constantly swearing onstage at their recent Wembley Stadium show, according to one red-top.

Families apparently stormed off in protest during his solo section of their gig on Tuesday (July 5) when he arrived onstage and declared: “Can’t believe you’re fucking here.”

The singer then imitated rolling a cannabis joint before repeatedly sticking two fingers up at the rain-drenched crowd, reports The Daily Mirror. “Let me introduce myself, my name is Robbie fucking Williams,” he added before fans reportedly walked off.

“I had to put my hands over my daughters’ ears, it was disgusting,” said one fan. “He spoilt it for the rest of the band, who are true professionals.” She added: “It got to the point where we left during his segment and came back again when he was off.”

Williams later defended his comments, according to the tabloid. “I know they are frowned up (sic) and the refuge of the uneducated but so be it… Fuck, fucking… can’t be beaten,” he said.

“You have no idea how good it feels in front of 80,000 people, it’s liberating and a statement of intent.”