The Wanted’s Tom Parker in football scrap with Alastair Campbell – Tabloid Hell

Charity football match turns ugly after boyband member puts in a crunching tackle

Former spin doctor to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, was involved in an unlikely brawl with boyband The Wanted yesterday (June 5).

Both Campbell and the boyband and were competing in a charity football match at Burnley FC‘s ground Turf Moor when the ex-spin doctor reacted angrily to one of their members, Tom Parker and his reported persistent foul play and squared up to him.

According to the Daily Mail, a source said of the fracas: “When Tom [Parker] brought someone from the other team down, Campbell went up to him pushing and shoving. Tom gave it back to him as he good as got, but was then turned on by one of the other players and there was quite a scuffle with firsts flying and words exchanged.”

Parker was stretchered off the field with a suspected broken leg in a subsequent game, but the injury turned out to be a twisted knee.

Although Campbell‘s team won the match in the end, the incident did not end there. Despite the 54 year-old tweeting that he was sorry to hear of the injury to the singer, he then received a deluge of threats from the boyband’s fans, with many telling him he had made “enemies for life” and that he should “sleep with one eye open.”

Campbell has since dismissed the incident, saying it was merely “handbags.”