Tabloid Hell: Kate & Pete the musical!

And we thought the Take That one was a bad idea…

With a story that has a whiff of being dreamt up during the witching hours before deadline, the tabs have reported today (August 9) Pete Doherty wants to pen a musical about his love affair with Kate Moss.

The story emerges out of the little ‘band’ the pair put together months ago in happier times. Then KP Nuts made charmingly little songs together which they posted on Youtube, which you can watch below.

Anyhoo, a ‘source’ now claims: “They loved to spend time writing poetry and songs together. But it went much further than that. They worked on ideas for a musical and made short movies together.”

Apparently this collaboration now has West End and Broadway ambitions.

Pete thinks it would be such a waste if he scrapped all the material they created together,” said the unnamed informant. “There is so much of it. The musical is something he was really into because it ventures outside the borders of singing on stage.”

And this is the best bit: “When Pete is onstage or going to court it is often like he is acting anyway.”

Yes it often is, isn’t it?

Hmmm, with ‘hilarious’ sarcasm their closer is :”I don’t see the BBC making a Saturday primetime telly show to find the male lead.”

Oh, our aching sides…