Tabloid Hell: Lily Allen flashes her knickers

Singer follows in Kate Moss' footsteps

Lily Allen has been flashing her knickers – but don’t worry, it’s all perfectly legitimate.

The singer is actually following in Kate Moss’ footsteps and has become the new face – legs, body and arms – of lingerie firm Agent Provocateur.

According to today’s (November 6) Mirror, the singer has signed a “six figure deal” to be snapped wearing the label’s smalls.

It’s obviously great news for Lily, but we can’t help but think Agent Provocateur overlooked a more obvious – and probably cheaper choice – to get their indie cred up, namely The CribsRyan Jarman.

The singer is always showing off his undercrackers – usually after his jeans have been ripped to shreds after a night of stage diving – so they could have got that indie boy Y-front look for free.

What? Oh, apparently they’re sticking with Lily