Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan were childhood pen pals – Tabloid Hell

Mumford & Sons man got together with Hollywood starlet earlier this year

Mumford and SonsMarcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan may have only been dating for a few months, but they’ve been writing to each other for years.

This is according to The Sun, which has claimed that the folk rock frontman and Hollywood starlet were childhood pen pals.

The lovebirds apparently sent letters through their churches as kids and decided to get back in touch after they both found success in their respective fields.

A ‘source’ explained: “After becoming friends again things got more serious earlier this year and romance blossomed.

“The couple have spent a lot of time together while Mumford and Sons have been touring the States.”

Mumford and Mulligan have even been looking for a love nest in the US after getting together last February, the mole added.

Mumford and Sons toured the US on a vintage train last April. The Railroad Revival Tour, which was filmed for a documentary, saw the band roadtest material for the follow-up to their million-selling debut ‘Sigh No More’.