Noel Gallagher and Sara MacDonald to get married – Tabloid Hell

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are flying in for the wedding…

Noel Gallagher is in the papers again today (April 5) – but not with regard to more solo album information, this time due to his 2011 wedding plans.

According to The Sun the ex-Oasis legend is finally set to wed his girlfriend Sara MacDonald.

The pair have been living as a family for yonks and already have two kids together. According to one of the paper’s sources: “Noel secretly asked Sara to marry him on her birthday last October. He’s not one for making a big scene. This is the man who kept his leather jacket on when his lad Donovan was born.”

Pal Russell Brand and his other half Katy Perry have already supposedly been put on red alert and should be able to fly in for the ceremony, we read.

And in another titbit reported by the paper, Noel supposedly bumped into Mark Wahlberg in a branch of Toys R Us in Los Angeles recently. So there you go.