‘Take That’s Wembley shows will have more pizzazz then Oasis’

Unknown plucked to support boy band stokes Wembley rivalry

Relative “unknown” Gary Go has declared Take That‘s summer dates at Wembley Stadium will outstrip Oasis‘ at the venue this summer.

As previously reported, the grown-up boyband picked the singer to join them on their summer dates, including shows at Wembley Stadium, declaring his voice was “quite wonderful”.

Speaking to NME.COM the singer declared he was glad the grown-up boyband asked him to support them, as their shows will prove more of an event then the Manchester bands who also play the stadium.

�I would rather play with Take That as I feel it’s more of an event than Oasis,” he said of the showmanship, though insisted he was not attacking the Gallaghers‘ music.

“I am a big fan of Oasis and have been since they came out,” he added, “but it would be more fun to be part of the Vegas pizzazz that you would get with Take That.�

The singer explained that he was discovered by Take That, after the band spotted him following a role he had in ITV musical flop ‘Britannia High’, and then go to know the four-piece after meeting them in the recording studio.

“I had popped in the studio a couple of times while they were recording ‘The Circus’ (2008 album), he explained, “and hung around with them.”