Taking Back Sunday discuss their green-ness at Live Earth

Band drink from “man sippy-cups”

Taking Back Sunday have discussed their efforts to become more environmentally friendly both on the road and in their personal lives.

‘We crossed paths with Al Gore in Oklahoma City where he was doing a presentation and that had a huge impact on us’ said singer Adam Lazzara. “We had about 30 crew on tour with us and they all got to see the presentation too, which really helped everyone be more green on tour.”

They also revealed how each member of the group has made small but significant changes to their lifestyles – such as driving cars that run on used filtered vegetable oil from Chinese restaurants and drinking filtered water from “man sippy-cups” to avoid using disposable water bottles.

They also encourage fans to carpool en route to their shows and ensure they have recycling stations at every venue.

Lazzara also revealed his excitement at sharing the stage with some of the world’s biggest acts saying “We’re going to see Bon Jovi playing (their homestate) New Jersey. That’s pretty mind-blowing.”

–By our New York staff.

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