Live Earth New York kicks off

Leonardo Di Caprio and Al Gore takes to the stage in New York

The New York leg of Live Earth has kicked off just a few miles from city at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

Kenna launched the leg this afternoon, followed by a greeting from actor Kevin Bacon, a performance from KT Tunstall and a three-song set from Long Island natives Taking Back Sunday.

Leonardo Di Caprio, a keen environmentalist also made a last-minute appearance telling the crowd “Global warming is no longer a theory but a reality. We can not afford to fail those future generations. It’s now an inconvenient and a undeniable truth I’m deeply honoured to introduce Al Gore.”

Gore then took to the stage for a short speech before introducing Keith Urban who was joined by special guest Alicia Keys for a cover of The Rolling Stones‘Gimme Shelter’.

Nine million people are currently streaming the US leg of the show via the inter, with millions more expected to log on as the day goes on.

–By our New York staff.

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