Band's last shows will be at Laneway Festival in January

Following the success of their 2015 album ‘Currents’, Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker reveals that the band will take a break next year.

Speaking to New Zealand’s Paperboy magazine, Parker explained how the band’s performance at the travelling Laneway Festival in January 2017 could spark the beginning of a break for the Perth-based psych band.

“I really don’t know how that’s going to feel because in the past, the album cycles haven’t really ended with a bang, or even ended decidedly. They just sort of peter out. But this time it really is a bookend,” Parker said.

“I’m glad [the end of the tour is] happening at Laneway. There will be tears and cheers, and emotions will be running high. I think it’ll be quite weird, but not without a sense of accomplishment.”


“This album was a real door-opener for me,” Parker – who recently collaborated with Lady Gaga and Mark Ronson – added. “It’s funny, but I kind of knew it would be, just because of the way I was making songs, the way I was producing it. I sort of sensed that it wouldn’t just be an album that came and went. I had a feeling that it would take me other places.”

“What comes next is still very much a blank canvas. But a blank canvas in a good way – I’ve got all the paint!”

Meanwhile, Parker recently teased yet more ‘A list collaborations’, following his work on Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Joanna’.

“There’s definitely a few other things coming up,” he said. “You don’t have to be switched on to realise that if I do this, and then this happens… it’s just the way the music world works, you know? So there’s going to be other things happening, but I think I’d be ruining it if I mentioned who.”