‘Glee’ cast overtake The Beatles’ Billboard Hot 100 record

TV show actors now hold record for most appearances by non-solo act

The cast of Glee have overtaken The Beatles to become the non-solo act to have the most songs appearing in the Billboard Hot 100.

With six new entries from the cast in the latest run-down, 75 songs from the show have now entered the US chart. The Beatles had 71 songs enter the chart.

The cast are yet to take the overall title for the most amount of hits in the chart – Elvis Presley had 108 and James Brown had 91.

Songs from the show don’t seem to have the longetivity of the Liverpool legends’ efforts, however. Only 14 Glee songs have stayed in the top 100 for more than one week. The Beatles have a total of 617 weeks in the chart, compared to 105 for all Glee songs.