Yoko Ono praises Beatles Rock Band game

Giles Martin is also set to work on the project

Yoko Ono has welcomed news that The Beatles are to be featured on a new version of the Rock Band video game.

The game, which is set to hit the shelves in time for Christmas 2009, will reportedly feature songs spanning The Beatles‘ entire career.

Speaking of the release, Ono told Entertainment Weekly that the surviving bandmembers and their estates didn’t have any trouble in agreeing to the project.

“All of us are actually pretty hip, so we said yes,” she explained. “I’m personally very excited. [The game] lets you participate in a way where you’re really [immersed in] the music.

“With so many young kids into The Beatles, it’s a start to a beautiful new page in [the band’s] history. Maybe they’ll start to make music and not just listen to it, and really understand what it’s about.”

The son of The Beatles‘ producer Sir George Martin, Giles Martin, who worked on the band’s recent ‘Love’ project, is reported to be overseeing the music on the game.